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Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration Services For Your Home

A fire in your home is disastrous, it is hard to know what to do or who to call after the firefighters have left. Call us, After a fire, we know exactly what to do and have over thirty years of experience of working with your insurance company, cleaning up the mess and rebuilding your home as quickly and efficiently as possible to a pre-loss condition or better.

We will support you and your family during this difficult time. Our fire and smoke restoration technicians create the best mitigation plan possible and perform remediation, cleaning, and disinfecting services.

Fast Action is Essential When It Comes to Repairing Fire and Smoke Damage.

Furniture, clothes, toys and flooring are frequently made of synthetic materials and plastics, that when burned, will cause toxic chemicals to be released into the air. That is why firefighters wear breathing apparatus when going into a burning home. These toxic chemicals remain in the air long after the fire is out. The chemicals then settle out landing on all the surfaces in your home. The longer these chemicals are left in your home, the damage gets worse. Some of these chemicals can cause corrosive damage on items that were not damaged in the fire. Cleaning up and removing the damaged materials as quickly as possible, stops further chemicals from being released into your home, and the real cleaning prior to rebuilding can be done. 

Your belongings and equipment can go from cleanable to unsalvageable in minutes. Our cleaning procedures neutralize corrosive acids and protect surfaces from further damage. We clean soot from various aluminum, chrome, marble, tile, glass, and other surfaces.

We submit the paperwork for your fire and smoke damages to your insurance company to pay for the cost of the cleanup and rebuilding of your home. A separate inventory of your damaged personal property may also be necessary to replace those items. We will assist with the cleaning of clothes, furniture and other textiles. Those items that cannot be cleaned will be replaced.

Madison Ave Construction offers complete, professional smoke and fire damage clean-up and restoration services and other related services such as water damage restoration, disaster restoration, mold removal, etc. Contact us for reliable smoke and fire damage restoration services if your home has been damaged by fire or smoke.

Our Fire Damage Restoration 4-Step Process

Why Choose Us For Fire And Smoke Repair Services?

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Madison Ave Construction has a highly-skilled, certified team that has assisted countless homeowners and property owners with fire, smoke, and other structural repair and restoration projects. We’ve been featured in articles for our expertise, and we will work with all major insurance carriers directly to resolve your insurance claim as quickly as possible.

We have the tools, machinery, and expertise necessary to provide you with a thorough and complete fire damage restoration service that meets your expectations. Once you have approved our assessment and quotations, our fire damage specialists can begin working immediately. Call us for a free in-person estimate to receive immediate fire restoration services.