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If a puff back event has occurred in your Nassau or Suffolk County home, there’s only one place to call: Madison Ave Construction. As Long Island’s leading home damage experts, our team of professionally trained and certified technicians are well-versed in puff back repair. We combine state-of-the-art equipment with proven techniques and strategies, and we’ll have your home fully restored in no time.

Puff backs can occur at any time of the day or night, and when they do, immediate action must be taken. That’s why Madison Ave Construction offers 24/7 emergency services. Whether it’s in the middle of a weekday night, in the early hours of a weekend morning, over a weekend, or even on a holiday, the moment you discover you’ve had a puff back event, reach out to us! Within 30 minutes of receiving your call, a team of certified professionals will arrive at your Long Island property, fully equipped and prepared to tackle the problem. We’ll work quickly, yet efficiently to resolve the problem, properly restoring the function and the safety of your furnace, and the cleanliness of your home.

What is a Puff Back, Anyway?

If you rely on a furnace to heat your Long Island home, it’s important to understand what a puff back is so that if you experience one, you know how to address it.

When an oil burner turns on, it should ignite right away. When it fails to, fumes can build up within the furnace, and those fumes can lead to an explosion in the burner chamber. The explosion then vaporizes, and soot is expelled throughout your home, coating the walls, baseboards, floors, furniture, and anything else in its path, with toxic soot. If it’s powerful enough, the soot can extend as far up as the ceiling. This is known as a “puff back”.

Puff backs can be small and can occur regularly, where every time a furnace ignites, small amounts of soot are expelled through the heating vents. A puff back can also occur as a one-time explosion that occurs when a furnace ignites, dispersing large amounts of soot through the heating system and throughout your home. Whether small and frequent or a large one-time occurrence, extensive cleanup and restoration is usually required after a puff back. Repairs to the heating system are also necessary.

How to Handle a Puff Back

A puff back can be a devastating event. The soot that is dispersed throughout your home is highly corrosive and can cause extensive damage to the building materials and furnishings it coats. It can also seriously damage your heating system. As soon as you have determined a puff back has occurred, immediately shut off the heating system to prevent additional damage. If you suspect the risk of fire or if there is a large amount of smoke, you and your family should evacuate your home (don’t forget pets!). If the carbon monoxide detector sounds, immediately vacate the premises and contact emergency services.

Once you have confirmed that it’s safe to do so, here are some steps that you can take following a puff back event:

  •         Document the event. If you are planning on reporting the incident to your homeowner’s insurance company, document the event by taking pictures of the damage as soon as you possibly can. Take photos of all surfaces and items that are covered with soot, as well as your heating system.
  •         Get in touch with Madison Ave Construction. As soon as we receive your call, we’ll dispatch a team of expert technicians to your location. When they arrive, they’ll perform a thorough inspection of your heating system to pinpoint the underlying issue that sparked the puff back. After the problem is detected, they’ll make the necessary repairs, and will ensure that it is properly corrected, thus preventing future puff backs from occurring. In addition to repairing your heating system, our team of professionals will work to restore your home. Using the most advanced tools and proven techniques and strategies, they’ll, remove all soot and chemicals, and will fully restore your home.


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Water damage can be devastating for many homeowners and business owners. Madison Ave Construction is here to assist. We can remove moisture from your home or business while preserving all your belongings carefully.


Once this is completed, we can also assist you in mold cleanup, restoring, and rebuilding your property while ensuring its safety. Madison Ave Construction is proud to have served numerous satisfied clients across Long Island with water damage restoration services.